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PCD Ball Series End Mills

PCD Ball Series End Mills

Geometry Specifications:
Axial: Positive
Radial: Negative
Lead: 45°


No other material today machines abrasive, nonferrous materials better than polycrystalline diamond. The initial cost of PCD cutting tools is generally ten times that of carbide tools. The payback is that PCD has 100 times the wear-life of carbide. Other benefits include reduced operator and job setter dependence which increases production rates. Surface finish and finished part quality are also improved.

The high hardness of PCD translates to an abrasion resistance 100 times that of carbide.

PCD is best used in non-ferrous materials with high abrasion resistance. Optimal results are achieved when using PCD to machine: silicon aluminum, metal matrix, graphite, composites, graphite composites, and plastics.

Other benefits include increase in SFM, longer "in tolerance" machining and reduced scrap.

PCD can run SFM from 400 to 6,000 depending on the material being machined.